class MapPolygon

A polygon to draw and fill on the map. Has the same properties as a path with the addition of a fill color. The points do not need to form a closed loop, the last point will automatically be joined the first point



Color to fill in, either as a 24-bit (example: color=0xFFFFCC), a 32-bit hexadecimal value (example: color=0xFFFFCCFF), or from the set {black, brown, green, purple, yellow, blue, gray, orange, red, white} When a 32-bit hex value is specified, the last two characters specify the 8-bit alpha transparency value. This value varies between 00 (completely transparent) and FF (completely opaque).

Public Class Methods

new(attrs={}) click to toggle source
# File lib/googlestaticmap.rb, line 317
def initialize(attrs={})
  @points = []
  attrs.each {|k,v| self.send("#{k}=".to_sym,v)}