class MapPath

A path line to draw on the map. Initialize and set attributes.



Color of the path, either as a 24-bit (example: color=0xFFFFCC), a 32-bit hexadecimal value (example: color=0xFFFFCCFF), or from the set {black, brown, green, purple, yellow, blue, gray, orange, red, white} When a 32-bit hex value is specified, the last two characters specify the 8-bit alpha transparency value. This value varies between 00 (completely transparent) and FF (completely opaque).


MapPositions for each point on the line


Thickness of the path line in pixels, defaults to 5

Public Class Methods

new(attrs={}) click to toggle source

Pass an optional hash of arguments

# File lib/googlestaticmap.rb, line 292
def initialize(attrs={})
  @points = []
  attrs.each {|k,v| self.send("#{k}=".to_sym,v)}

Public Instance Methods

to_s() click to toggle source
# File lib/googlestaticmap.rb, line 297
def to_s
  raise"Need more than one point for the path") unless @points && @points.length > 1
  attrs = GoogleStaticMapHelpers.safe_instance_variables(self, ["points"])
  s = attrs.to_a.sort_by {|x| x[0]}.collect {|k| "#{k[0]}:#{CGI.escape(k[1].to_s)}"}.join(MAP_SEPARATOR)
  s << MAP_SEPARATOR << @points.join(MAP_SEPARATOR)