My Trips

About My Trips

My Trips was a Facebook application that I wrote and maintained from late 2009 until June 2012 that allowed you to enter trips/vacations that you are going on. This page shows some screenshots of some of the functionality of My Trips.

My Trips was built with Ruby on Rails (version 2.3.5) and Ruby 1.8.7 (later upgraded to 1.9.1), using the Facebooker (and later Facebooker2) gem to handle interfacing with Facebook. It was an FBML app, which used the FBML markup language to render views. FBML was a layer on top of HTML that provided easy styling to look like the rest of Facebook. When a user visited My Trips, they saw the app in a section of a Facebook page, with the full Facebook border around the page. I had my own virtual server on to serve up the pages, using Nginx and Passenger.

My Trips was shut down in June 2012 because Facebook abandoned support for FBML.

Screen shot - entering a new trip:
Entering a trip in to My Trips

A note can get published to you wall when you enter the trip and automatically on the day you leave for the trip. Friends can like and/or comment on the trip. This way, you don't have to log in to Facebook when you're in the airport to tell people where you're going.
My Trips published wall note

If you have friends that use My Trips, you can also see where all of these friends currently are, and how far away they are from you:
Where friends are right now

You can also see all upcoming trips for all of your friends:
Your friends' trips

Add a tab to your profile to show all of the trips that you've been on in the past, and what trips are coming up. You can enter old trips that you went on in the past so they will show up on your tab:
My Trips profile tab